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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Church Forms

Click on the form(s) you need. Each form is a PDF, You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here   

Once the prompt displays, you will need to save the selected file to to your local PC.

Print the final form and submit to the church office:

Church Usage Request  (PDF)     

Building Usage Guidelines and Fees  (pdf)          

Funding Ministry Request (pdf)

Purchase Order Form (PDF)



Effective June 2009 all Church purchases must be approved before purchases can be made. All purchases are placed through the church office. Please feel out the following form and submit to the Church Office.

 The steps for making a purchase: 

1. Complete a Purchase Request Form.  Forms will be available by the church mailboxes and will also be available on the Monson Web Page in the Forms Section.

2.  Each Purchase Request Form must be signed by the appropriate Ministry Team Leader or Administrative Leader. In those instances where the expense will be shared by two or more areas, the affected Ministry Team Leaders must approve the expenditure.

3. Submit the fully completed form to the church secretary for approval.  The church secretary will process the request. The request will be verified with the Financial Secretary and If necessary the Pastor. For purchases or items that include the building, The Trustee’s will be consulted.

4. If  the request affects several ministries of the church, then expenditure will be brought up to the Church Council prior to approving or not approving the expenditure.  If for any reason the purchase is not approved, the church office will notify you.

Approved on May 01, 2009   Finance Team Leader and Church Pastor